Wednesday, August 17

House Tour - Second Floor

First Floor

Hallway: The peacock green, while a nice color, does nothing for making this space seem welcoming or spacious.

Bedroom 1: We are planning to make this a library and home office for D. We are hoping to build-in bookshelves modeled after the amazing shelves at Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle. We're picturing two comfortable reading chairs and a bridge lamp in the bay, plus a lovely rolltop desk that D. inherited from his grandmother. Maybe a deep red on the walls?

Bedroom 2: Current plan is to use this as our bedroom, and we hope to upgrade to a king-sized bed as soon as possible. No style discussions yet - maybe a bit Scandinavian/Modern. We're a little bit flummoxed by this enormous space with no furniture in it.

Bedroom 3: We're calling this a dressing room, and we may put dressers and mirrors in here. Alternate uses - if the open doorway is closed up - might be a guest room, nursery, or home office for K. I love the grey, and it inspires me to think of Art Deco-streamlined decor. My personal motto is actually taken from the Art Deco movement: "No modernity without tradition, no tradition without modernity."

Bedroom 4: Because this bedroom has a closet and is near the bathroom, we are planning to use this as a guest room. We might go with a shabby chic-Swedish country white look in here, using the hooked rug from the previous owners.

Upstairs Kitchen/Utility Room: We are installing a stacked laundry center here, and I'm going to use the room as storage for my crafts materials, yarn, and related books. I have dreams of a new cork floor in here, topped off with some shaggy chic-70s retro brown walls.

Upstairs Bathroom: What can I say? It's pink, it's small, and we're going to make the best of it.

Cedar Closet: With some new Ikea lighting, this should be a very useful feature.


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