Wednesday, August 17

House Tour - First Floor

Exterior Front: This needs a paint job pronto. D. has an inordinate fondness for blue houses, though I predict we'll go with a sage green. It's our color.

Foyer: We painted this that sage green we love so much. We're a little torn between whether this will be a showcase room (requiring knockout furnishings) or a high-traffic room (where we can store our shoes and mail and such).

Front Parlor: This room, now a deep green, is going to be focused on entertaining with flexible seating, music, and arts and crafts collected from our travels.

Dining Room: The knockout orange we chose could go Victorian, Mexican, or Tuscan. Our dining set is country oak. In the end, the room will likely be a jumble. "Eclectic," I think is what they call the style.

Den/Side Parlor: The highest priority is that this room be comfortable and relaxing. I want to go sleeker, with a 70s twist (that means a white flokati rug). D's skeptical, to say the least.

Downstairs Bathroom: Ah, mauve, how you speak of the 1950s. How blithely you set off the peach fixtures. Oh, how ugly is the rug. Inspired by a Walmart paint chip, of all things, we're going to use a green to set off the mauve. Let's hope it works!

Kitchen: For now, in the absence of the wherewithal to totally re-do the kitchen, we are going to work with what we have (lovely cabinets). I feel drawn to a rustic look in here - maybe a Mexican Country vibe. We love Mexico and Mexican food, so a bit of wrought iron and Talavera pottery would fit in just fine.

Second Floor


At 2:27 PM, Blogger jm@houseinprogress said...

SO amazed by the PINK STOVE in the kitchen.

Wow. Just wow.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Kasmira said...

I bought my flokati rug from the site you linked to. I am very happy with it.
One word of warning, they are a b!tch to clean! You can't vacuum them. I pick out the visible pieces of debris by hand (not fun on a 5' by 8' rug). I'll have to get it professionally cleaned one of these days.


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