Wednesday, August 10

Everybody Loves Dolmas

We must be slowing down, as it took us seven Person-Days to paint the Living Room, as opposed to the six it took in the Dining Room. But that includes the various ceiling hijinks and the green also needed more coats for various reasons. And now it is a beautiful Grape Leaves Green, and we can move on. But first, some photos for those of you who think we don't post enough photos.

In Progress




The Finished Project

While this color isn't as awe-inspiring to us as the mincemeat color in the dining room is, we really do like it a lot and it is immensely better than the white that was there when we started. We especially like the way that it goes with the woodwork and with the aforementioned mincemeat.





The only catch is that we have no furniture for this room -- except for one chair we inherited from the previous owners and a grandfather clock that I inherited appropriately enough from my grandparents -- and I'm not sure we will be able to afford any in the near future. But damn that green is nice.

Next up we will be taking a bit of a break from the projects, as the floor guys have finished upstairs and we will finally be able to move up to the second floor. Also, my parents are en route with the aforementioned clock and several other pieces of furniture and we figure we will spend the weekend with them visiting and showing them around rather than giving them a paintbrush or a tin of plaster.


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