Monday, August 1

And Then There Was Green

This morning I had my first Official Duty at my new job, as we had a meeting to discuss how we wanted the calculus classes to be run this fall and how much coordination we wanted among them. There were spirited discussions of how many exams and how difficult they should be, what types of writing assignments we wanted to allow, and the perpetual discussions of the roles of calculators and proofs in Freshman calculus.

After the meeting I was so inspired to start designing my syllablus that I ran right home and...painted the foyer. We have a somewhat hard deadline to get it painted by Wednesday before the flooring guys come, as that will inevitably cause lots of dust and we don't want dust in the air with wet paint around. So this afternoon I put a first coat of Ruskin Room Green (which I want to point out looks much better in real life than it does in that picture) on all the walls and ceilings of the foyer and up the stairs.

Tomorrow there will be a second coat, and with it will come pictures. And after that I may actually start working on the aforementioned syllabi. But first comes sleep.


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Trissa said...

I love it! I can totally relate. I also teach and we are preparing for our accreditation visit in the fall. I brought home a couple bins of student work today fired up to summarize and organize it for the visting committee, but now I'm thinking about refinishing the nook windows. Once school starts I know I can't put the work off, so now I'm taking advantage of the little bit of summer that's left!


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