Saturday, July 23

If this is Small Town Life...

...bring it on.

Last night, we were discussing our transition to small town life. Was there anything we missed about the BIG City? I said nothing, D. said a good CD and bookstore. We then walked a few blocks and devoured a yummy Mexican meal. On the way home, we decided against stopping in at the coffeehouse for Open Mic night, because we were too full and didn't want to spend money on coffee or dessert.

A half a block later, I notice a few people milling across the street. And it looks like a woman is playing a fiddle inside the store. We head over, and it turns out our local instrument store is having its regular Friday Night Bluegrass Jam. "Come on in and listen or get pickin'." So we did - listen, that is - and we weren't missing anything in life.

We got to the farmer's market earlier this morning, so there was a better selection. Here's today'sharvest:


The paint saga continues with...

"Pumpkin Toast" (light orange), dining room
K: I like this color. It's very appealing to me. It feels very warm, sunny, Tuscan stucco to me. But I can see that it's much closer to yellow than orange, and bottom line, it's really not what either of us imagined. Can we change courses?
D: I still like the original orange, though I understand K's concerns about the brightness and I hear what all of you are saying about going too bright. And despite my fondness for all things pumpkin, this new color is more yellow than I would like. It has been growing on me (especially if I think of it as butterscotch, which I also have a fondness for) as it stays on the wall, but I am beginning to fear that finding a perfect orange just might be too hard for us.

"Fiddle Leaf" (green), living room
K: This is a very cool color. We both have a strong affinity for green, and we thought it might address some of the problems with the red in the living room. It won't be as difficult to get full depth of color, and it won't be as bold or shocking.
D: We both decided that we liked the earlier red for a red, but were worried that having blood red on the walls might make our visitors find out think that we are vampires. So we decided to try a forest green. And while the green we bought ended up not being as foresty as we had imagined, I think we really like this color. Though we also like the red. Can you tell how bad we are at making decisions?
TRIVIA: This color eerilly matches a piece of furniture that we had in our old apartment but were not planning to use in the new home!

Tomorrow: our report on patching plaster in the foyer.


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