Wednesday, July 20

A Little Color Everywhere

D. is indulging me one of my obsessions and letting me do a tiny bit of gardening, even though there is a lot of other work to be done and more important uses of our funds. That's how sweet and generous he is. So after slapping up the test samples of paint last night, I popped out to the yard and potted up a few plants. Here's the little plantlets I showed last week:


The wine barrel has tomatoes, peppers, basil, and marigold. I don't have any expectations for any real vegetables, because of how late it is in the season, but I just wanted to see something growing, and that basil all by itself would have been pretty pathetic.

I also plopped this sunflower into the ground next to the fence between our yard and our neighbors:


Sadly, I don't have much hope for this transplant. A few hours after this cheery pic was taken, the petals had started to fall off and the seeds were getting pushed out.


Oh, friends, I have so much to write you and so little internet access. But we had such a response to the post about our stairs that I wanted to share our excitement about the foyer floors. This picture is taken in the doorway between our foyer (top) and our living room (bottom):


And you can see - they are the same! The very same planks. What a big sigh of relief! What a stroke of good fortune smiling down upon us and house renovation venutre! Thanks be to St. Agneta!


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