Thursday, July 14

Balsamic Dreams

We have all had those moments when we realize that, despite our visions of ourselves as hippies or alternakids or whatever we envision ourselves as, deep down we are just yuppies at heart. For some people it has to do with the car they drive or the place they live or their audio-video equipment or the like

I had one of those moments today, as we started to unpack the kitchen boxes and I saw it there. One box labelled simply "vinegars". Yes, we have an entire box worth of various kinds of vinegar. Red wine, white wine, and balsamic of course, but also spicy pepper vinegar, basil vinegar, and several others. In fact, I am pretty sure that the one thing we don't own is plain old generic vinegar.

But we did unload many of the dishes and most of the dry goods that we had brought to our new home today, along with a large load of groceries procured at our new grocery store, at which we have already saved $8.63 by enrolling in the "Bonus Card" program. Our kitchen is now more or less functional, and tonight we cooked our first meal in the new kitchen, if putting a bunch of garlic and onions on a DiGiornio frozen pizza and eating that along with a salad (with oil-and-balsamic-vinegar, thankyouverymuch) counts as cooking dinner. We have several more boxes to unpack, including our three different sets of wine glasses and separate martini and beer glasses.

What was that about being a yuppie?


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