Tuesday, July 12

One Down, Three to Go

Even before unpacking a single box or counting the boxes for those readers who opted into the Great Box Guessing Game of '05, wet two tasks for ourselves:

- Buying Appliances
- Refinishing Upstairs Floors

You can track our progress on the right.

The first task was necessitated by the fact that Our House has no washer or dryer, no dishwasher, and one very old refrigerator seen here at our walk-through.
I know you’re admiring that lovely pale pink color. That’s vintage 1958. And – wait for it - it matches the stove.
Ever vigilant about utility costs, we wanted a much more energy-efficient model. After comparison shopping Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Sears, we went with Lowe’s. They had the better selection than HD and lower prices than Sears. It was named “best appliance selection” by the local newspaper. After long consultations with and without Andre, our very helpful sales associate, we selected this lovely refrigerator. I’m very happy with it. I especially like the fifties Frigidaire vibe, because it goes with our kitchen. But… I do wish we had gone with bisque. Or maybe the black. I have dreams of a black countertop -- and our microwave and coffeemaker are black. I’m afraid the white is just going to be so glaring.

Tomorrow is delivery day – and therefore also grocery day. Our first trip driving the minivan to the Ginormous, gleaming white, suburban-style grocery store.

We are “initiating negotiations” with a contractor to do the work of creating hookups for a washer, a dryer, and a dishwasher. Once we have an idea of the costs, we can make better informed decisions about the other items on the Buying Appliances project list.


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