Thursday, July 7

Allez TV!

Last year we got a DVR, and like with everyone else you know that has been harassing you to get one it changed our lives. Mostly for the better. We decided to get the Cable-Brand Tifaux rather than a Tivo, and that has been a decision we are very happy with. But as we move to a new town and a new cable company we have to return the box itself. So tomorrow we will be taking our box downtown and returning it, despite the fact that it still has on it the following programs which we have never gotten around to watching.
  • 10 episodes of Desperate Housewives, ranging from February 13's "Susan Anticipates a date with Mike" to May 22's "Past actions come back to haunt the men and women of Wisteria Lane."
  • Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes
  • Bad Liver & A Broken Heart, a 1996 short film starring Sam Rockwell.
  • Reservoir Dogs, which K. has never seen.
  • Four episodes of the Daily Show, three of which are from the last month but one of which is the election night special that I have never been able to bring myself to watch.
  • Episodes 3-6 of The Inside, which seems like good clean non-reality show summer fun but which we have yet to get hooked on enough to watch.
  • A lone episode of Scandanavian Cooking, in which I can predict that he cooks some fish meal in a stunnigly beautiful setting with weird synthesizer music in the background, despite the fact that I have not seen it.
  • Two different Iron Chef Americas: Batali-v.-Lo and Morimoto-v.-Feenie.
There would be more, but I powered through a lot of Adult Swim episodes last week while I was packing.


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