Wednesday, June 29

Not exactly designed to sell.

The next house I wanted to share with you all was wrong wrong wrong in so many different ways that I don't know where to begin. It had drop ceilings. It had ugly wallpaper on ugly panelling. It had all the things that we had already come to hate about the house. In fairness, I should mention that it did have one of the best features of any house that we saw -- stereo speakers were located throughout the house in walls and ceilings (I guess those drop ceilings and fake walls had some benefit after all!) and the stereo itself plugged the outputs right into the wall. So convenient and easy, as long as we would have kept the stereo where they had it I suppose.

Of course, the worst part about looking at this house was that we interrupted the family's dolls watching TV.

the dollswatching tv

Yes, we saw a lot of people's personal belongings in a lot of different houses, and many of them were things that I know I wouldn't display if I was trying to impress potential buyers, but the daybed full of dolls positioned to watch the TV might have taken the cake.

Of course, we bought the house that had their Kiss action figures prominently displayed. So what do I know?


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