Thursday, July 7

The Homestretch

We're back from our short but well-needed mini-break to the west coast, in which we ate lots of good food, walked quite a bit around the city window-shopping for all of the things that we would love to buy for the new home but are unable to afford because of the new home (which, yes, is one of the major themes for this blog), and saw two good friends get married. For the first time since we have been dating, there are no more weddings on the horizon to go to, and now we can get down to business.

The lastish To-Do list related to the move has been written, and it contains 22 items ranging from "Make Coffee" to "Pack everything else" to "Write the first To-Do list about when we arrive in our new home". This morning's project is to juggle around various bank accounts to make sure we actually have the money in the right account to actually buy the house. We have never really thought through what our back up plan will be if buying the house falls through. I guess we'll be living at the Super 8 Motel, or maybe in the U-Haul truck filled with our stuff in the Super 8 parking lot.


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