Saturday, July 9

Me and You and Everything We Own

Less than 10 hours until the movers show up, and we are crazy and hectic and frantic. This is of course in no way related to the fact that we took a bunch of hours off this afternoon to have a birthday dinner with a friend and to go see a movie. One of the crazy things about moving is that you feel a need to squeeze in one last visit with every person you know in the city at the same time that you really don't have a spare moment to do any socializing. I would give us a B- as far as seeing everyone we wanted to see. Which is passing, if a bit dissapointing.

Now we are knee deep in cleaning supplies and boxes and more dust than we would care to admit, and trying to figure out exactly how to navigate everything when the movers show up tomorrow morning. At this moment everything we own (except for this laptop and some of the cleaning supplies) is in boxes, and that is a very odd feeling which is going to last quite some time. Four our very first contest here at Revivalized, guess how many boxes we have. The person who guesses the closest wins a prize!

Incidentally, the movie we saw while we should have been cleaning and packing was Me and You and Everyone We Know, which gets two very emphatic thumbs up from your Revivalized Reviewers. It was a much-needed light fun independent film during this season of the blockbuster, serving as a good bridge between Batman and Fantastic Four. It also contained one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen in a movie, which had all of us crying with laughter and whispering back and forth. Forever.

OK, back to cleaning. Wish us luck.


At 4:44 AM, Anonymous hcwoodward said...

I saw Me and You and Everyone We Know today too. During that certain scene, there was a guy in the audience with the most obnoxiously joyful laugh ever. It actually undercut everything a bit, because most everyone started off horrified and embarassed and then gave away to laughing, but this guy just kept on going. Anyways.

Good luck tomorrow. I mean today.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Anne said...

Good luck! Man, I don't envy you the move, having moved myself about six times in the last three years - and I get to do it again in about six weeks - can't wait!

I'll guess 39 boxes, although I have absolutely no basis for that guess.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger J. Blobbom said...

50 boxes.



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