Tuesday, July 12

The First Blog Post After Closing

Before yesterday, the biggest check I ever wrote was for the catering of our wedding.
Yesterday, I wrote a check almost triple that size.


But we are now the proud owners of our home. To be exact, we are the owners of some small portion of our house and Chase Bank is the owner of a much larger percentage of the house, but at least we are no longer paying rent without gaining equity and we can paint walls any colors we want without fear of reprisal from a landlord, except to the extent that we are each others landlords.

Everything went pretty smoothly, and all of our earthly belongings have gone from our apartment to a uhaul several hundred miles to our new house. All of the utilities except for cable and internet seem to bet set up, so I am writing you from our new locla cafe with free wifi. We have now moved from a long series of Lasts to a long series of Firsts. Already in the 22 hours since we closed on the house we have experienced our first night in the new house. Our first time lying on the grass in the backyard and looking at the stars. Our first time brushing our teeth in our new bathroom. Our first walk around the neighborhood. And, yes, our first annoying free cd from AOL, which was waiting for us when we walked back from the closing. They really don't waste any time.



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