Wednesday, July 13

De. Nied.

We walked over to our local library today to get cards. Yes, we are such dedicated library patrons that it is on our first List. And we get library cards before unpacking, before buying groceries.

For the last three years, we only used Amazon for gifts and special purchases, because most of our reading needs were met by the library. It saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Now we don’t have any illusions that Hooterville’s library will come anywhere close to the selection of the BIG City library system. But it does have online ordering and renewal, so we are hopeful. We are especially happy because it is steps away from Our House, so we are not giving up anything in convenience.

However, we were pretty surprised to be told that they couldn’t give us library cards today. The reason? They had run out of application forms, and they had to Xerox more. We, wanting to go along with this charming, small-town, lack of urgency, said, “Okay, we’ll come back tomorrow.” As mentioned, it is in very close proximity to our abode. But… what’s up with that?????? How hard is it to keep adequate Xeroxed supplies in stock?


At 9:49 PM, Blogger J. Blobbom said...

That's one of those things that I would have gone through the roof over.

I'm sure I would have said, "Fortunately, I know how to operate a photocopier, so if you just let me copy a form, I'll copy one for you."

Then they would have been all uppity and told me that it would be impossible. And I would ask to speek to a supervisor. And they would say that there is no supervisor available. And I would have left, saying, "The customer service here leave a LOT to be desired!"



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