Thursday, July 14

God Bless The Public Library

The rumors that your Revivalizers have drowned in a sea of 50's era skyish blue carpet pulled out of their upstairs are somewhat exagerated. In actuality, K. is still wandering the aisles at Lowes looking for gloves, but I did indeed escape from under the largest pile of the ugliest grossest carpet I have ever seen at least for long enough to sneak over here to our new local public library to tell you all that we are alive and well, even if it is the first time since 1996 that I have had no access to the internet from my home. Luckily, that is supposed to change tomorrow and we will finally be able to upload lots of musings and photos that we have written over the last couple of days during Our First Big Project (which we will be sure to postdate and retrodate appropriately, so that those of you who don't read until after the fact will have no way to notice our several days of radio silence).

So you should all cancel your Friday night plans and instead plan to sit around the warm monitor and read our blog. You didn't really need to see War of the Worlds again, anyways.


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