Friday, July 15

Houston, We Have Wifi

I would like to say that a few minutes ago the friendly Adelphia man left and our cable and internet was ready to go. In actuality, he left a couple of hours ago and most of the intervening time has been spent with me sitting on the floor playing with various wires and resetting various things and trying to get manuals and talking to tech services, but as of now it appears that our cable (with accompanying DVR) and internet are working just fine. We won't know for sure until later tonight when the DVR downloads program data for the next few days and we can start setting season passes, but it seems like everything is a go. Or at least it will be if you are reading these words.

In other news, today was Day Three of The Great Carpet Removal, and we are finally finished with the upstairs. We still have to do the foyer and stairs, and hopefully we will finish that up this weekend and next week we will bring in the professionals to give us an estimate on refinishing the floors which will likely send me into cardiac arrest. In the mean time, hopefully I will stop being so darn sore.


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