Tuesday, July 26

Too Disgusting To Blog About

Warning: This post contains graphic imagery which may be disturbing to some viewers. Please be advised that you may not want to read this post, especially within several hours of eating.

As K. alluded to in her last post, we had a bit of hijinks related to our beautiful pink second refrigerator the other night. It was all unplugged and defrosted, and K. went to move it so that one of the plumbers could see the place where we want to put a washer and dryer set. I wasn't there at this point, but I guess that when she tried to move it, a puddle started forming underneath. But not just a puddle of water. Oh no, that wouldn't warrant a warning. No, it was a puddle of a reddish-brownish liquid which had an odor reminiscent of red wine but a consistency a little too close to blood for comfort.

She ran down and got me, and we started investiating together to try to figure out where it was coming from and what was under the refrigerator, but every time we moved the pink beast, more of the liquid spilled out. I cannot do justice in words to how gross this liquid was, and as much as we want to share all of our home restoration with you all we couldn't bear to take photos of it. But trust me. It smelled bad and it looked even worse. And it was starting more and more to cover our (upstairs) kitchen floor no matter how many paper towels and how much baking soda we poured onto it.

Eventually, we were able to lean the refrigerator on its side and we were able to see that the liquid was coming from the drain pan, which there was no easy way to remove like on more modern refrigerators. Despite the ever-worsening odor and ever-growing puddle, I was able to pull out the drain pan with only a minimal amount of the winebloodjuice getting on my shoes. And yes, the puddle was indeed a combination of all kinds of liquids which seem to have collected in the drain pan over the last forty years. There was a much thicker residue thoughout the drain pan, and stuck in the residue was (Warning: This is where the story gets even grosser) a dead mouse.

Needless to say, we threw away the drain pan immediately, and with it any hope of finding someone who would buy this refrigerator on ebay. We're still hoping to sell the rest of the pink appliances, though, if any of you are in the market.

We now return you to the regular hopefully-not-so-gross Revivalized.


At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dumb question -- can you tell me where Hooterville is? I *might* be interested in your appliances! (They're fabulous!) mwt5580@yahoo.com

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Jocelyn said...

That is pretty gross, but it takes alot to gross me out. I must a farmgirl at heart. You could probably still sell them sans the tray...

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously -- are you anywhere near upstate New York? I'm furnishing a 1900 kitchen from scratch. Retro appliances would work well. You can send e-mail to me at mwt5580@yahoo.com.

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Dead animals are always gross, but animals that have been dead for unknown amounts of time are just worse! I still live in my townhouse in the 'burbs until the new place is fit for man and beast (okay, girl and cats). I came downstairs a few months after moving into the condo and bam! (emeril) there's some weird dead mammal on the floor. Not a mouse, looked more like a mole. Called exterminators and one of them was very persistant. I called him and told him that my association said they'd take care of it when it happened again, and he explained that he'd been in my place before and that the dead thing was a shrew! One of the kitties killed ANOTHER one a year later.

But the grossest was last winter when I heard some scurrying one night. Then, the smell, the god awful smell. I looked around and didn't see a thing, smell was gone. Then a few months later we decided to move the couch and bam! a mummified mouse stuck to the floor. Not only that (like it's not bad enough) apparently one of the kitties had tried to catch him but merely injured him, so there were little bloody paw prints smeared all over the floor under the couch. Gag!!! There was a baseboard heater right behind the couch, so I guess he just cooked under there...still makes me sick to think about! Thank goodness for the cats!

At 6:54 PM, Blogger K. said...

It was frozen - ick.
And pickled - ick.
For decades - ick.
Ick. Ick. Ick.
I can't believe D. immortalized it further.


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