Tuesday, July 26

Geneology of Our House

I'm planning to hit the Historical Society and Municipal Records Office as soon as I get a chance, but in the meantime, I thought I'd fill you in on what we know about the house's history.

1920: The Original Owners build the house. We know nothing about them, but we have been told that the house stayed in their hands until it was sold in...

1958: The Family Before Us buys the house and converts it into two units (one up, one down). He is a woodworker, and his stash is still in our garage over 40 years later! Their daughter eventually grows up to marry a teacher, and they move into the upstairs unit. When her parents/his inlaws pass away, they move downstairs.

1990s: After her passing and in his retirement, he makes some changes to the house (though the rest of the house remains in a time warp). He adds the much-maligned vinyl-sided patio and the three-car carport. During all these years, we understand that the other unit was rented out for income, primarily to a stream of quiet, single nurses - possibly who were friends of the Teacher's wife.

2000-ish: His granddaughter comes to care for the Teacher (whom we think of as the Previous Owner or Grandpa). She lives upstairs with her children, who are the fifth generation of this family to live here. She and her boyfriend paint the upstairs wild colors and decorate with musical instruments.

2002: After the Teacher passes away, the house is willed to his son and stepdaughter (the Sellers). For several years, they work out the terms of the estate, while the granddaughter and her step-cousin (the Previous Tenants) live in the house.

2005: With the estate finally resolved, the Sellers put the house on the market . We are the first buyers to look at the property, our offer is accepted, and now it's OURS!

Coming Soon: Floor Plans and Photo Tour


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