Thursday, August 25

Water Water Everywhere...

Here at the Revivalized house, we are about to get a lot cleaner. Or maybe we'll be getting the same amount of clean a lot easier. Because the past few days, while I have been getting oriented to so many things that I think I am now disoriented and while K. has been a-job-hunting and the like, our friendly neighborhood plumber, referred to us as his daughter goes to the school that one of my colleague's wife teaches at, has been doing his thing.

Yes, instead of having to drive the many blocks to a laundromat, we now have a laundry center built in to our upstairs kitchen. Gone are my dreams of having a separate "breakfast kitchen" and "dinner kitchen", and gone is the easy ability to become an Orthodox Jew and have separate kitchens for meat and dairy. But instead we will be able to do laundry on the second floor instead of clomping down to the basement.


And while it hasn't been that big a hassle for us to use the shower downstairs while waiting for the one upstairs, it has been increasingly inconvenient as we moved our bed and all of our clothes upstairs. So it is very exciting to me to think that tomorrow morning I will be able to shower without going up and down the stairs:


We also got new fixtures for the bathtub. I'll be honest and say I still don't understand why we needed them, but the plumber convinced K., so we got them, despite it taking not one but two trips the half hour each way to Lowes in the last 50ish hours, as the first set we bought was defective. But boy they like purty:


The work all ended up being a lot more expensive than we had hoped and than he had estimated, in part because the plumber thought he could do the electrical work on our dryer but ended up needing to get some help, as it turns out that the stovetop from which he was going to steal voltage for the dryer was actually on two separate breakers, or something like that -- I really need to learn more about electricity at some point. But it is done, and I think we will be much cleaner now. Which is good, as the students have arrived on campus and I start teaching on Monday. Ack.


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