Friday, September 23

What's Going On?

Well, let me tell you. I came back to find that our little refugee squash plant was taking over the entire known universe:


It's producing truckloads of little yellow pattypan squashes - yes, we're giving them away. The ones left on the vine turn a deep orange, and flatten out like squashed pumpkin. Some, on the ends of the vines, have morphed into green-striped. All very interesting.

It's growing like crazy, trying to dominate the grape vine and grabbing a hold of the buddleia, despite the fact that it has a terrible case of powder mildew. Some of the little weedy vines have it too, but surprisingly the grape seems to be pretty immune at this point.

Speaking of grapes, our grapes have ripened:


They have a wonderful, fruity-sweet Concord taste and the yard smells like a Welch's factory. We've been harvesting, so far have gotten about two bagsfull like this:


We got about a quart of juice out of that bag, which I froze. So that's what's going on - we're being productive, abundant, fertile here in the hinterlands!


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