Saturday, August 27

Bachelor Party!

As K. mentioned earlier, she has headed out of town this week to take care of some family business, and I am left to be a bachelor. Now, when I first met K. I was only halfway through graduate school, so my bachelor days were only wild in the ways that sitting around doing math problem sets and watching X-Files reruns with my roommate is wild (speaking of which, what has Chris Carter done for us lately? I mean, nobody from that show has gone on to a succesful post-show career, but I would have expected him to at least try something. But I digress). And I guess in that sense, I will be reliving those bachelor days, only replacing the real analysis problems with syllabus writing and replacing syndicated X-Files episodes with a boatload of Arrested Development reruns on the DVR.

Over the last few days, I have managed to set up my home office, which basically involved putting a cheapy area carpet in the library (which you may recall no longer has all the dolls and Olson Twins posters) and setting up my desk. My grandfather bought the desk many moons ago when he and my grandmother moved to Miami. I have no real memories of it from their apartment in Miami, though the story goes that I used to sit at it and read when I was a young lad visiting them. I do have very strong associations of it from a decade ago when my grandfather passed away and Baubie moved to an apartment near my parents. It always appealed to me, probably due to my academic leanings, and I am very honored to have it in my home now that Baubie is gone.


Posting may or may not be light this week, as I start my teaching back up, but I can tell you that there won't be very many pictures, as K. took the digital camera with her. So in the meantime, I'll share with you the view that K. is enjoying this week.



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