Tuesday, October 25


It was just over three months ago that we were the kind of couple that didn't even have a dining room or a second bedroom in our apartment. And so it still feels weird to me to think that we are now the kind of family who has not only a second bedroom and a dining room, but also a library. I'm not really sure what made us walk into a room that was the most stereotypical young girl's room that I could possibly imagine and immediately envision it as a study where we would retire to read dense novels and compute cohomology classes associated to elliptic fibrations, but that is exactly what happened. Of course, before the room would suit that purpose lost of things would have to change -- I may rehang the Mary Kate and Ashley Olson posters at some point, but the pink walls needed to go.

I suppose it was inevitable that I paint the library a deep blue, given that this is the color not just of the Braves but also of all three of my alma maters. And that is exactly what I spent this past weekend doing, painting the library while K. floored the bathroom.

Some pictures of the process:






And the finished product:



Hopefully next weekend we will set up the room with the desk and the aforementioned bookshelves and possibly the time will finally come to unpack the many boxes of books which have remained unpacked since early June.

Or maybe I'll just catch up on the rest I didn't get this weekend.


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