Tuesday, October 11

What I Did On My Columbus Day Vacation

I may not have gotten Labor Day off, but I reaped the rewards of that this weekend, as my college gave us a nice four day weekend, officialy entitled "Reading Days" though I'm pretty sure that none of my students did any reading. And while many of my fellow faculty went camping or slept a lot or at the very least caught up on work, I spent the time Revivalizing, as K. and I finally found the time to paint the den. This weekend was not ideal for painting, not just because I was exhausted but also because we got our first rainfall in months which made everything dry very very slowly (at least compared to the drying speed in the 138 degree weather in July). But I figured the provost wouldn't especially want me to take a four day weekend next week, so we forced ahead with out plans and painted away.

As you may recall, we were flying without a net, as despite putting three different swatches on the wall, we opted to go with a fourth: Homestead Ballroom Gold. I think it ended up a little yellower than I had planned and a little darker than K. had planned, but at this stage we are pretty happy with the color.

Anyways, our weekend in pictures:




We tried to watch baseball while painting, but it just didn't work...

...but thank god we were able to stay online the whole time



It was a long weekend (in more than one way), and the end of working on the den is almost in sight. Well, the end of Phase One. This room more than any other needs a serious dose of new furniture, as that rug is even uglier in person -- we got around to throwing away its twin brother earlier in the weekend -- and we really want a new couch and buying one is very high on the priority list once we can afford it (Is it worth pointing out that my birthday is coming up? And Christmas? Hannukah?) But for now we just have a bit more clean up to do, and you should all stay tuned for the big "final" reveal, coming tomorrow to this very blog!


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