Tuesday, September 27

File Under Cockamamie

Hot on the heels of my hare-brained Kramer-esque idea of recreating the Daily Show set in our den, I have stumbled across another plan for home revivalizing that I am sure K. will be very excited about. In particular, I have been inspired by David Byrne's installation entitled Playing The Building. From the description online:

To create this various devices are attached to parts of the building structure — to the metal beams, the plumbing, the electrical conduits, the heating pipes, the water pipes — and are used to make these things produce sound. No amplification is used, no computer synthesis of sound, and there are no speakers. The machines will produce sound in three ways: through wind, vibration and striking. The devices that are part of the piece do not produce sound on their own, but instead they cause the building elements themselves to vibrate, resonate and oscillate so that the building itself becomes a very large musical instrument.

I figure that it's gotta be better than getting my inspration from "Burning Down The House" or "Psycho Killer", but my guess is that K. still isn't going to go for it. Oh well, at least I succesfully set up the stereo in the living room last night:


Now I just need to figure out where to put the approximatetly 1500 cds that we own. I am very torn on this issue, dear reader. You see, I am a music snob the kind of person who, upon visiting someone's home, takes great interest in looking through their music collection and seeing what their tastes in music are. So part of me feels that I owe it to our guests who share this trait to display my cd's in cd racks prominently in the home, so that they can try to discern everything about me from my collections of Wilco and David Mead cd's (Note to future guests: The Everclear cd belongs to K. and I have tried to get rid of it on several occasions to no avail). On the other hand, the style that we were planning to go with in the living room was more -- oh, let's say "mature" -- and less "dorm-like" than having big racks of cd's everywhere -- somehow, it seems odd to prominently display the complete REM discography between my heirloom grandfather clock and K's heirloom hope chest. So maybe I should just put some of the cd's in the drawers of this unit, and the rest in the den. I just don't know.


At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Stacy said...

When we moved to NYC, Rey and I took most of our aprox 2000 CDs and got rid of the cases and put them in those CD binders. So sad, because like you, I take great pleasure from looking at friend's CD racks and sometimes, my own. :) (I've also got the REM discography, David Mead, Wilco, etc that I want to proudly display!)

The drawer option seems pretty good. I think what Rey and I will end up doing when we move out of NYC is take the gorgeous handmade CD shelf my dad made for us and put our bestest CDs on that and leave the rest in binders. Because even if we have a bigger house, all those CD shelves really took up a lot of space. And then there is the whole dormroom thing like you said. Its time to start being an adult. Or at least pretending to be one by decorating our houses like adults would. :)

At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also had this dilemna, but now just about all of our music and audiobooks are on our computer and we have a wireless mp3 player at home now. Of course we also had to get a server so all of our music could go on one computer, so our CDs are waiting to be sold or traded. I kind of miss the shelves of CDs, but it's nice to be able to browse on the computer, too.



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