Sunday, December 4

Let It Snow

Right after I wake up in the mornings, I like to walk back to the laundry room and look out over the back porch and our little yard. I don't know why I do this, but it's just nice to get a sense of the day. Here's what it looked like this morning:

A light dusting of snow came in the night, giving a taste of how wonderful the snowy days of winter will be here. Everything looks so much more quaint and charming.

We were just speaking of the skies, and two mornings this week, the sun was rising just as I was surveying my "property." Trust me, this is an indication of how late the sun is rising, not how early I am up! One morning, the sun's first light was clear and butter yellow, but the other everything was suffused in pink radiance.

Yesterday was a gorgeous blue-sky day, and we attended the first of the local holiday events, an open house at our county Historical Society. D. and I have a fondness for checking out local history museums, or "heritage centres" as they are called in Canada, when we travel, and we were happy that ours was probably the best we've been to. It had very few hand-written exhibits by fifth graders. Here's a nice view of D's building from the historical society:

We ran into a few people involved with my new job. It's important that I am seen as involved in local activities, and that's good because I'm happy to throw myself into local culture. In fact, I'm excited because the job has asked me to serve on a Chamber of Commerce committee. Yay! I love Chambers of Commerce!

After that, we casually spent a mind-boggling amount of money at the family-owned since 1949 furniture store. We chose - for the den - a Broyhill sofa and loveseat:

That's style 5079, for your information. What a romantic name, huh? Conjures up vision of math class. Maybe that's why D. liked it. No actually, we both thought it was the single most comfortable sofa we tried in three months of testing. You know - that really hard work of sitting on your ass over and over again. And, apparently 5079 is a very popular style hereabouts.

We spent a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time considering that gold fabric above, which would have matched our walls perfectly, but in the end went with a contrasting and more contemporary fabric. Kind of like this:

But moss and olive green, instead of purple. For pillows, we went with a really fun fabric that ties together the gold walls with the green upholstery and adds some fun red and purple for us to play with in the rest of the room:

Now we have six weeks to wait for it to show up. In the meantime, we'll be looking for area rugs, entertainment armoires, and considering whether to get "spaghetti sauce insurance."

Oh yeah, we also just happened to pick up a mattress set on our way out. No biggie, right?

When we went a couple of weeks ago to check out sofas, we tried out a king-size mattress that I've been fantasizing about ever since. Because it was a floor model, they had only one and it was on super duper sale. It's a Sealy Reatta Pillow Top mattress, and seriously it's like lying on a cloud. The King-sized cloud will go into our bedroom, and the queen will move into the guest room. Just in time for D's parents' holiday visit. How convenient!

We haven't found a bed frame we like, but that wasn't a problem when we didn't have a mattress either. D. has some crazy ideas about building a bedframe himself, which I play along with. But, people, we don't even own a saw!


At 4:51 PM, Blogger kate said...

we (Tim) built a bedframe, which was great, 'cause we could make it the exact height we wanted it (currently about 4' off the floor, but we'll probably shorten the legs as it'll soon be living in the upstairs of a cape cod, which means shorter ceilings). It's a great excuse to buy a compound mitre saw... mmm compound mitre saw.

At 5:41 PM, Blogger K. said...

Can Tim send the plans or directions (or whatever the carpentry lingo for pattern is) for what he built? Thanks!


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