Wednesday, April 5

What Am I Doing?

Remember how I abruptly stopped posting - and stopped work on the house - last October and haven't had even a moment to explain why. Well, this is the story.

I was working! Starting in mid-October, I had a freelance job that required me to be in an office in professional clothing every weekday starting at 8:30 am. It was brutal, to tell you the truth. The best thing about it was that it was only a five minute walking commute, so I could come home for lunch and a bit of HGTV most days. The gig was temporary and ended in early February.

But...then I had two freelance projects that were home-based but going full-steam. One was a big event that ended on March 24. The second was a consulting project that predominantly ended on Monday, though there is still some cleanup work to do. There is also the possibility of a new contract with that client.

We didn't consciously intend for me to become a freelancer, but it does have its advantages. I like the flexibility and variety. The downside: not so much of the income. And, now that I'm not even working those gigs, I'm no earning anything near what we need me to be secure...and to actually fund home improvement projects.

As I think many a freelancer/houseblogger has bemoaned, this is a vicious cycle. Being at home most days means I am attentive to what needs to be done and have discretionary time in which to do projects. But I have no money to fund the necessary tools and supplies. When I am working enough to have the money, I have no time to even notice the projects on the To Do List, let along work on them.

Luckily, there are quite a few projects that I can do without any additional investment, the ones that require only my time and effort plus the tools at hand (though "at hand" doesn't seem to describe the lost crowbars). You might also recall that I had the beloved unemployment, and I can still collect for a few more months.

But honestly, I really do need to get a job. A real job. With a real paycheck.


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