Wednesday, May 3

Garden Roundup - Carport

No, not that nasty pesticide. Just a review of all that's been going on. And it's a LOT.

Remember this?


After three separate days of pruning (more like hacking), including a little bit of death-defying:

(Okay, it doesn't look that high, but it was very scary.) I present to you .... the carport!

You probably didn't even know it was there before! Please note the absence of John Ashcroft's Eagle and check out the rose bush gently climbing the trellis.

It was there all along, but it just couldn't compete with the beast of the ivy. In the week since I took this photo, the rose has been leafing out, with red shoots and little rosebuds waiting for just the right moment to flower. I gave it some manure and have tried to remember to water it a bit more - hopefully it will like that.


At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I already miss the eagle.


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