Wednesday, August 15

Coinky-dink? I don't think so.

Since posting my beloved kitchen design, I've run across two very similar examples.

1) Ina Garten's Hamptons Kitchen

2) A kitchen from Real Simple's article "The Well-Organized Kitchen" (looked much better in the magazine)

I have this visceral reaction to them. First, I love the green - it's our favorite color. We have painted three rooms and counting different shades of green in our house. Second, the white cabinets look so clean and retro. Last, I am really fond of open/glass-faced shelving for its dramatic qualities.


here's the big but...

there are also parts of them I decidedly do NOT like. In general, I'm immune to the whole dark-as-possible, must look like stone counter craze. I think in 10 years black counters are going to scream dated, just like avocado appliances and shag carpets do now. I don't feel as strongly against stainless steel appliances, but I'm not drinking the kool-aid on them either. It just seems so disgustingly goosestepping-to-the-trends yuppie. We're cheap, we bought a white refrigerator, and as scary as it seems (since we're - you know - slobs), we'll probably be buying other white appliances too.

Soooooo...I don't know what to think. My guess is that the look is a whole, and taking out some elements would diminish it. But maybe not. Maybe I can pick and choose what I like.



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