Friday, August 3

Long Time No Blog

While we may have been radio silent for most of the past year, some progress has been made around the house. Probably the biggest project was upstairs, where we took the extraordinarily dark hallway and made it much much brighter:

Its amazing how much nicer the place felt after a clean coat of paint, especially one that was took the room from "Plum Peacock" to "Vanilla Brandy".

While I was in the middle of painting, I spontaneously decided to also get rid of the neon lime green that was on the walls in the laundry room -- luckily there was not much fear that K. would object to that decision, as she in general seems to shy away from the neon wall colors. That room is also much nicer now -- at least on the walls. The floor and other aspects of it could still use quite a bit of work:

Why did we decide to do this project when we did? Well, we knew we wanted to paint the hallway, but it was never that huge a priority. But it was something that I knew I could tackle in a weekend and a couple of evenings. And, more importantly, it was the first domino to fall that enabled us to start a chain reaction of house projects...but those will have to wait until another post.


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