Monday, July 30

The Itch

After a long hiatus, during which Revivalization seemed inconceivable given our busy jobs, social life, and volunteer commitments, I think we're starting to get the itch again.

In the July 26 New York Times article Someone’s Watching Your House, I read:

Marjorie Garber, a professor of English and visual and environmental studies at Harvard, goes further in “Sex and Real Estate: Why We Love Houses” (Anchor Books, 2000). “In our present-day culture,” she writes, “the house often plays the role of lover, partner, significant other — the dream date and the dream mate, the one who will realize our desires and give a purpose to our plans and days.”

I'm so excited about this book and can't wait to read it. Because it really builds on my own thinking about the experience of house ownership, which I detailed in my post about the romance of real estate. So I couldn't wait to share the link with you, and hopefully soon my thoughts on the book.

In the meantime, we'll be posting some projects we worked on during the hiatus, plus I'm going to update the house tour photoset (it's woefully inaccurate), and I'll start laying out some of our future plans (hint: they involve the kitchen!).


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