Tuesday, October 3

Two Midnights Gone

We haven't solved the window problem yet, but the painters have now finished two solid days of work on the house. And today I chose to work from home (file under: Joys Of Being An Academic) so I could chat with them a bit and watch them work and, yes, take some action-packed photos of the progress being made on the house:






While it is a lesson that I probably should have learned last year when we did all the painting on the interior of the house, I have to say that I am amazed at how much better things can look even after a single coat of fresh paint. Combine that with the warmer shade of white and a little bit of color and....wow! It seems like it will be a whole new house. And that is before they have even started working on some of the things that most desperately need the new paint job, like the porches and the stairs:



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