Sunday, August 6

World Tour

As long timed Revivalized readers may recall, when we first moved into the house last summer we set the bed up in what is now the living room, as the upstairs was still far from done, and the living room already had a window AC in it (it was July, after all). Several weeks later it was time to paint the living room but the upstairs floors still weren't ready so we set up the bed in what was to become the dining room for a week or so.

Then in mid-august we moved the bed upstairs, and while the precise location of the bed bounced around the room like a pinball -- and, for that matter, we upgraded from a dinky queen sized bed to a luscious king sized bed -- we spent the next eleven months sleeping in that single room. Well, except for one day between when the aforementioned heavenly pillow-top mattress showed up but before I finished building the bedframe when I napped in K's office.

And then came last week's heatwave. One of the downsides of the fact that we insisted on an old house is that we of course don't have central air, and for a variety of reasons we can't really put even a window unit in our bedroom. But we do have one in the guest bedroom, and when last week's heatwave settled in we promptly moved back to the guest room, a room that we have blogged very little about in part because I go months at a time without setting foot in it. But last week I made an exception, and we spent the night in relative comfort.

But trading in a large cloud-like bed for a medium sized decent bed was just the first step in a slippery slope, as the next night the heatwave got even worse, and when we went up to turn on the air conditioner an hour before bedtime the room measured 95 degrees. We then realized that we had a stronger AC in the den which had already cooled the room quite a bit while we were catching up on DVR'ed Rescue Me episodes. More importantly, we had an air mattress that would fit in the den just perfectly, and very quickly it was inflated and we added the den to the list of rooms we had spent the night in.

So after thirteen months in our house we have now slept in every room except the bathrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room, the basement, the attic, and my office. My guess is we won't be adding to that list any time soon, but you never know.


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