Friday, July 7

Catch Up and Catsup

The astute Revivalized reader may have noticed something interesting about that last post that we hadn't had time to tell you about yet. In particular, you may notice from the background of the photos that the 'four seasons room' -- that behemoth of a vinyl sided addition that the previous owners built onto the house at some point that we want desperately to destroy -- is no longer filled with boxes. Yes, eleven months after moving into this house we finally finished unpacking everything. Where by "unpacking" I mean "either unpack or move to the basement or to the attic." And while the four-seasons room worked very well as a staging area for the unpacking, it is also nice to suddenly have yet another extra room that we don't know what to do with:



The motivation to clean this room out was the impending visit of K's sister and our nephews, and the need for a space that the five year old and ten year old could run around without crashing into anything important. And this space worked very well for this purpose, and has added another area for us to sit and read and the like. Oh, and for me to continue experimenting with homebrewing, which is going quite well thankyouverymuch.

Also for their visit we finished readying the arbor/shed area that we had been working on -- and then played a lot of "find the rusty nails on the ground" with the boys, a game that they enjoyed far more than our lawyers recommended -- and it is no longer just an area for trash and windchimes. We now have a grilling station all set up, and while we haven't used it as much as we had planned this summer, hopefully that will change as the more grillable vegetables (as opposed to Bok Choy and Swiss Chard) start coming in.



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