Sunday, May 14

The end or the beginning?

As of about an hour ago, I am now officially done with the semester. I submitted my final grades and while there are still various administrative meetings to attend to (not to mention graduation), I am considering myself done. I had planned to celebrate by relaxing in front of the Braves game on TV, but it turns out that the TBS coverage is blocked out here despite the fact that we get no other coverage, so instead I am relaxing by thinking about the summer. And yes, my mind has turned to Revivalizing and all of the projects that I can undertake while I should be doing research in preparation for my upcoming pre-tenure review. After all, I have to catch up with K. who has clearly been doing a ridiculous amount of work the last few weeks. Here is a list of some of the ideas of what I want to undertake:
  • Doing something with the shed. We aren't sure what, and it will probably be made up as we go along. But something will be done.
  • Finally finish painting the foyer and touch up some of the earlier paint job.
  • Install a light fixture in my office. This might also entail playing some chandelier-go-round and moving light fixtures around the house
  • Paint the upstairs hallway (and possibly the guest room)
  • Build one last set of bookshelves in the library. This is especially important because it will allow us to finish unpacking the books which means we can finally...
  • Empty out the Four Seasons Room. It has served us great as a 'staging area' for unpacking over the last 10 months, but eventually we need to decide its future fate. And while we are hoping that the architect will be helpful in this regard, I think that I won;t be able to really envision what it can be until I see what it is like without all the boxes of books and photos in it.
  • Organizing the tools in the basement. We have such a large basement that we should really use it properly. This will also likely entail moving my homebrewing stuff down there.
  • Hang some art. We've gotten better about this, even adding 1924, 1972, and 1996 to our displayed collection of olympic posters, but we still own more art that is lining the floors of several rooms, and I would like to remedy that fact.
  • Figuring out some storage system for the closet in the den. Right now we have lots of crap just piled on top of itself, and I would like a better way to store our DVDs/Board Games/etc.
They won't all get done, and I'm sure projects that aren't listed will be undertaken, but that list is a start.


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