Sunday, June 4

Making Good Neighbors

The major development of the last week has been in the backyard. And it's a doozy. We finally have a fence. You may recall that we love our backyard, as small as it is, but we didn't like the complete and utter lack of privacy from the neighbors, made worse by the particulars of one of our neighbors. So in order to get full use of the backyard we needed to build a fence. Or rather, to have a fence built. You see, dear readers, we cannot really take any credit for this fence other than the money that was used to pay for it. It was built by the fine folks at Home Depot and installed for us by a pair of young men that were not us. Pretty much all we did was choose the fence and make some decisions about how to deal with the incline. And now we get to enjoy our backyard in relative peace with a mojito and a book of Robert Frost poetry in hand.

While we are doing so, enjoy some photos of the process:






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