Thursday, May 18


Last year, this rose bush was so swamped by bee ivy that you couldn't see it at all. I didn't even know what color the roses would be.

I'm so happy with the touch of crimson in the garden. These are the first three, there are lots of other buds. I wish I understood why buds grow on some stalks but not others.

So I guess I'll continue with the fertilizer and the watering. It seems to make a difference!


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I am not sure of this at all, because I know next to nothing about roses, but I am thinking that perhaps last year's growth is what blooms? Because strangely enough, when I moved in, I had a rosebush in the mint bed that grew about fifteen foot high but didn't bloom. I cut it down, it grew back, but only the little section that I didn't cut (last year's growth) has blooms this year. The same thing has happened with the two rosebushes that were mowed down by my PO's lawnmower person that grew back last year.

But I could be wrong.


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