Tuesday, July 11

Inch By Inch

There are some house projects that you do because you are excited about them and there are some you do because you know you will appreciate it later and then there are others you do because some aspect of your life is driving you bonkers and you need to figure out a way to deal with it. The organization of the kitchen falls into the latter category here at Casa De Revivalized, and while we have spent the last year looking off and on to no avail for the perfect cabinet or shelving unit to put in the kitchen to help us out. But out cabinets were overflowing and we needed some system, so we recently hit the Target and got a number of baskets and sliding drawers to install that will hopefully make things a lot nicer (and also gave K. an excuse to break out the label-maker, which is always a good day)



Another aspect of the house that we haven't been so good about has been curtains. We have bought a few sets for a couple rooms, but for the most part we have just been making do either with the ugly curtains that came with the house or with some of the many options that K. had in her many boxes of textiles (he says, grudgingly admitting that there is some upside to having a wife who collects and hordes textiles of any kind).

Last fall, when I was redoing my library/office I knew that we needed curtains for the bay windows. And while the white wispy curtains that had been in the room weren't ugly they weren't really what I was looking for in my office. We had seen some beige curtains that I liked over the winter at Bed Bath and BeaArthur, but had put off buying them for a variety of reasons (mostly financial).

So imagine my delight and surprise when K. bought them for me and installed them as a present to celebrate her first day of work!



I think they add a nice color, and the thickness will be much appreciated when it gets cooler come winter even if they feel pretty heavy for this time of year. Also, they are a wonderful microsuede that is so soft and fuzzy that I can't help but getting up from my desk every few minutes to go rub them.

Oh, and yes you did read that right. K. now has a real J-O-B. I'll leave it to her to tell y'all more of the details (or not), but the important detail is that she decided to buy me a present for her first day of work. I'm still not sure I understand that logic, but I'm not gonna complain.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

I was admiring the cabinet organizers at Lowe's just the other day. Hmmm.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger K. said...

The prices for the sliding wire basket-type organizers are MUCH cheaper at Target than anywhere else we looked.
As in half the price.


At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bed Bath and Bea Arthur...

It's good to see that someone else has maintained the lost art of speaking via fragments of Top Ten Lists.


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