Wednesday, August 2

Bam! Kapow!

Last night we escaped the ridiculous heat by going over to a friend's house for dinner and board games. When we got home, I headed straight to the refrigerator to pour myself some nice cold water, and K. came into the den to check her email. But then she let out a blood-curdling scream of "oh my god! oh my god!" which to me could only mean one thing: that she had stumbled across a corpse in the den.

It turns out that I have been reading too many Lawrence Block novels, as there was no corpse. And while there was a visitor in our home, it wasn't even human. It was a bat.

Yes, there was a bat flying in circles around our living room. And then into our dining room. And then through all the other rooms in the house. We have no idea how it got in the house, but it was very freaky to watch it fly around in circles everywhere, wondering if it was going to break anything or just scare us everytime it came right at our heads.

This is when a good blogger would have rushed to get the camera and take pictures to show you, but, much like criminals, we are a cowardly and superstitious lot and we wanted to get the bat out of the house as quickly as possible. (Besides, K. worried that the flash would blind the bat.) So we slowly lured it from room to room until it opted to fly into the basement. Once it got down there I closed all the doors except the one to the outside, and I left it alone down there. A little while later I went back down to the basement with a broom in hand ready to shoo it out forcefully, and the bat appeared to be gone. Now, maybe it was just hiding somewhere and for all I know it is still down there, lying in wait until it again pounces. But I looked around quite a bit, and until it hurts the homebrew I'll take my chances.

This never would have happened in Metropolis.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger Nola said...

Now if you could just get the bat to take care of that beetle problem in the garden, he'd be worth keeping around.

At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Josh said...

I watched some bats flying around outside our house a few weeks ago. They're great for getting rid of bugs, but if they ever came inside the house I'd have to put the smack down. I know I couldn't handle the idea that the bat might be lurking in the basement somewhere.


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