Monday, August 7

Garden Report: 8/7/06

This is what I like to see:

Dead Japanese Beetles. The chemicals I used kept them away for about two weeks, then I did another application. I hoping that will get us through the season - and that next year won't be such a bumper crop.

The sunflower is fascinating to watch. Its first day:
As the flower bloomed:
Turning to seed:

I planted two more sunflowers in the side garden:

One blossomed today:
We are also happy with the morning glories:
Though I sometimes worry that they are bent on taking over the garden.

The harvest is starting, with the first tomato:

A few French Breakfast radishes:

A nice tender zucchini:

Did I ever show you my "Mediterranean Herb Garden"? Here's what it looked like when I planted it two months ago:

And here it is now:

So that's all for now. We're off to hotter and humider climes for rest and exploration.


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