Monday, October 2

The Before

Between K's new job and me drowning in stacks of exams to grade, we have barely had a chance to think about working on the house, other than the bare minimum needed to take care of the garden (and sometimes not even that, as evidenced by the foot deep grass I mowed this morning). And that has meant that no work has gotten done which in turn means that we have had very little to share with y'all.

But that's about to change.

No, we aren't entering easier times at work. Nor are we quitting our jobs to devote more energy to our house, as tempting as that may be. No, we are contracting out some work. As astute readers may have noticed, the exterior of our house is in desperate need of a paint job. My completely untrained and unskilled eyes would estimate that it has been a decade since the trim and porches were last painted, and it definitely shows:




So this week some painters are coming in to scrape, paint, and spruce up the exterior of our friendly little abode. But before they could get started they needed all of the storm windows removed, so that is what we got to spend our Sunday afternoon doing:



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