Tuesday, August 8

Vikings In Our Kitchen

You may have noticed that the "Painting First Floor" progress bar over on the right hand side of the page has been stuck at 80% since last October. That's because we have painted four of the five rooms downstairs, but we have not started work on the kitchen. This is part of a bigger issue, where we aren't really sure what we want to do to the kitchen, at least not until the day comes when we can afford a complete overhaul (and even then we aren't sure what we will do with the cabinets, although the pink stove is sure to go). Every once in awhile we start talking about when to paint it or redo the floors, and there is the perennial question of whether we can find a place to put a dishwasher in, but pretty quickly we get overwhelmed and move on to another project.

For the last year we have merely been looking for additional storage space for the kitchen, as even the new organizational systems haven't solved all of our problems, but we never found anything that was perfect. But last weekend we were going to be entertaining some of our dearest friends in the world who were visiting from out of town (with all apologies to the rest of you who are also our dearest friends, but you should come visit too!), and so we decided that we should no longer wait for perfection and we should just buy something that will work and that won't be too expensive. And so you all know what that means? A trip to IKEA.

august0022 august0025

august0023 august0024

And before you know it, we were the proud owners of a nice set of GORM shelves. (Because how could anyone resist a name like GORM? Say it with me: GORM. He was the king of the vikings, ya know) And our kitchen has some more space and a little more organization behind it. Someday the plan is to stain them a bluish color and to paint the walls yellow in a whole Mexican vibe, but now that the cookbooks and wine bottles (and potatoes) are all set up -- and we have these giant boxes with nothing to put in them -- I'm not sure we are in much of a hurry.


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