Monday, October 9

The After

It took them less than a week, despite some less-than-perfect weather, and now our house is all freshly painted:





As you see, for the porch floor we decided to go for a red instead of the grey it used to be or some equally innocuous color. The idea was that it would stand out a bit while still matching the red bricks of the structure. I have to admit that we have somewhat mixed feelings about the result. I like the color a lot by itself, but it does reflect quite a bit of redness onto the whole porch that I am a bit unsure of. But my guess is that it will grow on me. And I sure do love the green fishscales.

All in all I think the house looks a lot better, and I'm very happy that we got it painted both for appearances and for preservation reasons. I'm especially happy because we live in the historic district intown so the borough was willing to give us a grant to do some of the work and a loan to pay for some more of it, all of which means that despite my cheapskate tendencies I am only freaking out a little about th elarge checks we have written this week.


At 2:10 PM, Blogger J. Blobbom said...

Wow! It's looking great!


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