Friday, December 16

My Husband Is So Wonderful

Over the last year, I've read about auctions at 1902 Victorian and RestoreHouse. And since we moved here, I've been tracking our local auction house's website. I thought it might be a good way to get our enormous house furnished at not too outrageous an expense. I saw lots of good stuff online, but we never felt we had the time to get to an auction...until this week!

We didn't intend to buy anything, just to check out the scene. How does it work? Is it fun? And we answered some of those questions, but now we have how much does furniture really go for? (We didn't stay that late.) And how do you win a bid? We hung out, checked out the merchandise, watched the scene. We were pretty unenthusiastic, until the auction started. And things started selling for a dollar at the most. That's our sort of price tag! So my husband watched for a while, got the hang of things, and won me a set of flatware:

For only $3 - how wonderful is that! I wish he would be so wonderful as to build me a bed like this:

But there is that little detail about not having any of the appropriate I'll continue to look like this:

Bonus photos - our town square at Christmas:

The frost on the pumpkin on our porch this morning:


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At 7:54 AM, Blogger K. said...

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