Wednesday, December 21

Till Debt Do Us Part

This past weekend we had a wedding to go to in a nearby big city (congrats to the couple!), so we hopped into the minivan and drove through the snow-covered fields to the city. And just like most small-town residents who explore the big city, we were very excited to take advantage of all that the city had to offer. For some people this means ethnic restaurants or live music or art museums -- and there are times that this would be the case for us as well -- but on this trip it meant one thing: shopping.

Yes, we ignored the fact that we had lots of Holiday Presents to buy and that we just spent a boatload of money on furniture as well as finishing paying for our lovely Toyota Sienna, and we took advantage of the trip to the big city to spend lots of money at Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Whole Foods and, of course, IKEA.

At the latter, we once again proved that we can't walk into the store without spending several hundred dollars, but we left with a new rug for the den as well as a spiffy new corner entertainment unit:

Sure, we already owned a behemoth of an entertainment unit, but the new couch and loveseat will require a reorganization of the den that needs a corner unit, and we found this one we liked at IKEA. And a very small amount of assembly later, we have a unit. We also bought a new rug for the den -- a shag rug like K. wanted but multicolored like I wanted -- and now we are just sitting around waiting for the sofa to show up and twiddling our thumbs.


At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a familiar post. Except for the waiting for the couch part. But we have spent so much money this year, and still can't seem to stop spending on the house. We even bought that same unit for our TV at Ikea. Your's looks great next to the golden walls!



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