Sunday, February 19

Radio Silence

Boy, we don't post much here anymore.

I would like to say it's because we are out leading exciting lives, or because the house is now completely perfect, but those would both be lies. In fact, it would be a lie to say that I don't post because I don't have any time to post -- while I am incredibly busy these days, I certainly still waste my share of time on the interweb, and if this was a place dedicated to posting my random thoughts about the Olympics or silly things my students do, then I would probably write much more. But we promised to try to keep this blog somewhat on the topic of renovating our house and adjusting to small town life, and those are things that I haven't had the time to do much of recently.

Yesterday we did take advantage of some calm between the storms in our jobs to do some shopping, though. We started by going to a local HOME SHOW, where we hoped we would be able to talk to people who could help us paint the exterior of our home (if we ever get the money to pay them) or install some new cabinetry in the kitchen (again, if we ever have the cash) or all kinds of other home improvement projects that are slated for summertime. But alas, the place was primarily filled with developers who wanted to build us a new home and banks that wanted to help us finance said home, along with a few people selling granite countertops and lots of gravel. So mostly we just wandered from vendor to vendor taking advantage of the door prizes and the free bananas (did I mention that this HOME SHOW had a tropical theme?) and after about 30 minutes we left.

We then hit a number of used and new furniture shops. While we aren't currently looking for any major furniture, we still like to browse. And I am completely desperately in need of a new bedside table. Ever since we moved here I have been using some crappy shelves that used to hold towels in our bathroom as a bedside table, and it is a very unstable set up that is ugly, at that. And ever since I built the new bed, I have felt even more desperate for a bedside table. The problem is that we have yet to see ones that we like. Granted, this problem could be solved the way that most problems are solved -- with a trip to IKEA -- but I am worried that even they wouldn't have what we are looking for. The kicker is that I have no idea what I am looking for, and it's not like I am constantly in search of some Platonic Ideal of a bedside table -- K. wants them to have drawers (though she is flexible even on that point), and we want them to be roughly the right height and be able to not get waterstained from the large number of water glasses that I let pile up on my bedside table -- but somehow none of the stores we went to yesterday, or in the other shopping excursions, meet our standards. Sigh.


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