Thursday, January 5


Previously, On Revivalized: Den

"This house is great, but the den sure needs work"

"sure it took us four tries to find the right color, but this one really works!"

"The nice paint shows off just how ugly our furniture is"

"Sure, D. built us a great IKEA entertainment unit, but when oh when will those couches we ordered show up?!?"

Today's episode actually began last week, when we took the occasion of having my parents here to move that monster of an entertainment unit onto the back patio to clear space for the new furniture. We also took the opportunity to get rid of that ugly ugly carpet -- the second of the two ugly carpets we inherited with the house -- and replace it with our new many colored shag rug that we bought on that aforementioned IKEA run.


We did all this even though the furniture store we spent a ridiculous amount of money at told us that it would be two more weeks until the new couches arrived. So you can imagine our surprise when they called on Tuesday saying that the couches were now here and that they could deliver them today.

This morning the guys showed up and the first words out of their mouth were "these things better not be going upstairs." You see, it was the same people who delivered the bed a couple weeks ago, and while I never told you all about it, there were quite a few hijinks trying to get a king size bed up the stairs of our 1920 home. But the couch and loveseat were staying on the first floor, and while there were a few tricky corners that they had to navigate, they did so with quite a bit of ease and ten minutes after arriving, the two furniture men rode off into the midmorning, leaving a fully furnished den in their wake:



Sure, we still have to hang some art and remove the tags off of those couches, but the den is very close to being a finished product.

Next Time on Revivalized:

"I like the den, but does the sofabed really have to go in the dining room?"

"We have to be careful not to let the Christmas-Tree-Eating Virus DESTROY US ALL!!!"


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